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The Fuel to Girl Power

The fuel to girl power is good health. National Women's Health Week starts each year on Mother's Day and encourages women of all ages to make their physical and mental health a priority. Women symbolize the foundation of a family's overall health, ensuring quality health care is accessible to them. Because of Women's Health Week, women become equipped with essential resources and knowledge which ultimately helps them prevent illnesses and save lives.

Maintaining and improving women's health requires determination and consistency. Here are a few tips to keep your health in line:

Get moving and Stay Active

  • Implement a weekly activity plan that involves physical activity.

  • Healthy weight varies by person, but it is important to know what a healthy weight is for you.

  • Go for walks and exercise daily to improve cardiovascular health and increase your intake of Vitamin D provided by the sun which helps strengthen your immune system.

  • Talk to your doctor or nurse about your personal health goals and design a plan tailored for you.

Take Care of Your Mind

  • Practice self-care by meditating, writing down short-term/long term goals, getting enough sleep, etc.

  • Seek professional help you notice a significant change in your mood

  • Focus on the activities that bring peace to your life.

Normalize Getting Check-Ups

  • Stay up to date on vaccinations

  • Have preventative care such as PAP smears, mammograms, cholesterol screenings, blood pressure tests, etc.

  • Getting physicals and other health related appointments

Making your health a priority allows you to live an enjoyable life. When friends and family see you living a healthy life, they will more than likely follow suit. Be that great example!

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