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How to Lower your Risk of Colorectal Cancer:

Get regular screenings

The most effective way to reduce the risk of getting colorectal cancer is getting screened routinely, starting at age 45. Almost all colorectal cancers start as abnormal growths in the colon or rectum. These types of growths can be there for years before they turn into cancer. They may not cause symptoms, especially early on, so the best way to find them is routine screenings. Screenings can also find colorectal cancer early when treatment works best.

Live a healthy lifestyle

Although colorectal cancer can happen to anyone, living a healthy lifestyle could reduce the risk of developing colorectal cancer. You can help reduce your risk by eating healthier, such as a diet low in animal fats and high in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, increasing physical activity, limiting alcohol, and avoiding smoking or vaping.

Among cancers that effect both men and women, colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of death from cancer in the U.S. The best way to stop colorectal cancer from starting is to get regular screenings. There are several screening options- speak with your provider today to learn more.

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