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Diabetes Eye Screening

These events are free retinopathy screenings for uninsured, diabetic CRCHC patients. They occur every few months at our McGill and Salisbury Health locations. Please contact your clinic if you are diabetic, uninsured, and have not gotten an eye exam this year. We will be more than happy to add you to the waitlist for our next screening event. Our clinics host quarterly eye screenings for our uninsured diabetic patients. Contact your clinic to see if you are eligible.

Close Up on Eyes

Wellness Hour

Wellness Hour is a FREE CRCHC after hours event designed for individuals to learn to exercise safely, eat healthier, and relieve any stress. It occurs every third Tuesday of the month from 6 PM - 7 PM at our China Grove site. Click below to learn more! 

Postponed until Spring 2023

Bible Study Group

Winter Support Group

Healthier Together

Every third Tuesday of the month from 6-6:30pm at McGill and China Grove Family Medicine

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