Extraordinary People, Extraordinary Care


  • Serving families, groups and communities develop access to resources, including health insurance, primary care, and health information

  • Serving to help build an understanding and social investment to support healthier behaviors and lifestyle choices to all available

  • Supporting the community for local health needs

  • Translating or interpreting for clients and health care/social service providers


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  • Health Insurance – currently 100% paid by company for employee

  • Long Term Disability

  • Life Insurance

  • 401K – Company matches up to 100% of first 4%

  • Paid Time Off –PTO is used for vacation, personnel and sick leave.

  • Holidays – 9 company paid holidays

  • Employee Assistance Program- through McLaughlin Young employees have the full range of services from counseling, financial, legal and work life balance.  This is a free and confidential benefit for all employees and family members living in the household.

  • Malpractice coverage through the Federal Torts Claim Act- Malpractice through the Federal Government that deems us as Federal employees.  There are no limits or tail with this insurance.

  • CME- For CRCHC providers : MD, DO, PA, APN and BHC’s 5 days of CME and stipend are available.

Available through payroll deduction

  • Short Term Disability

  • Dental Insurance Employer pays 50% and Employee pay 50%

  • Health Insurance for family members

It's what we do for our community that makes the difference!





Spanish Care Coordinator

The Spanish Care Coordinator will assist patients in navigating the care among primary care, behavioral health, specialists, and other members of the integrated care team. The staff member will assist with appointment scheduling and follow-up, disease management, community resources, and patient advocacy. With input from the clinical team and data from the EMR, he/she will identify high risk or utilization patients for additional support and care plan development. The Spanish Care Coordination will also serve as additional clinical or clerical support for the facilitation of care transitions. Other duties may be assigned to suit the demands of patients; according to the respective location of the clinical site.


Act as conduit between patients and medical/behavioral professionals and/or office staff by listening to the CRCHC staff and orally translating information into a patient's native language in layman's terms. The medical interpreter then translates the patient's response back to the professional, using proper medical terminology. Interpreters may translate such information as the reason for a medical visit, past medical history, and family medical history, as well as explaining medical and surgical procedures, giving medical care instructions, providing drug information and scheduling follow-up appointments. In providing translation services for the clerical staff, the interpreter may translate all aspect of required for appropriately capturing demographics, billing, and pre-clinical coding information. This role collaborates with health care team to ensure clinicians obtain accurate information and patient/family are fully informed.  Interpreters are also responsible for anticipating and helping staff avoid culturally inappropriate interactions with clients served while always protecting patient privacy in the execution of his/he job duties.  

Medical Assistant/Certified Medical Assistant/Registered Medical Assistant

Under the supervision of the nurse manager and the assigned provider, the Medical Assistant (MA) helps to facilitate patient care in the clinic environment. S/He is an essential part of the care team from the onset of the visit until its completion. The MA may be involved in both the clinical and administrative areas. S/He is one of the primary guides for the patient through the appointment process. Tasks assigned to this role are both clinical and clerical. MAs are responsible for capturing and documenting clinical and demographic information and accurately documenting this material in the electronic health record.  MAs also assist providers with procedures and communicate with patients in various forms and multiple settings.

PT Dentist

Responsible for administering, maintaining, and expanding a program of primary and preventative dental care in a community heath center setting. Supervises the dental staff in conjunction with the Director Nursing and represents the dental staff to the Chief Medical Officer. Provides dental advice and counsel to the Chief Medical Officer as required.

Patient Representative

This position is responsible for timely and accurate recording of patient demographics, insurance information, patient charges and payments. The Patient Representative facilitates client entry into Cabarrus Rowan Community Health Centers, including greeting client, answering phone calls, and scheduling appointments.


Provides professional medical services to complement the delivery of primary health care services at Cabarrus Rowan Community Health Centers through a PCMH model of care.  The role of the physician is to assess, maintain and improve the health status of individuals in the communities served.  The physician provides clinical leadership and supervision of mid-level providers and indirect supervision of medical support staff.